Fly-In BBQ Is Happening on
Sat March 25th as scheduled!

As we are writing this on Friday, the weather forecast is for Low IFR early Sat and the clearing off starting mid-day, and good VFR Sat afternoon.  The airport will be open from 9am until dark.  BUT, instead of food being served from 11:30-12:30, we are now going to start serving food around noon, and will continue serving food until at least 5pm.

Whatever time weather clears off we will be here and there will be food!  So hop in your planes and fly on in!

The next event at Springfield Downtown will be a Shrimp Feast Fly-In in late April or early May. Keep watching here for the date and time to be announced in next few weeks.

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Jet A

$5.50 Gallon

Self-Serve 24/7 -------- Full-Serve M-F 8-5


$5.50 Gallon

Self-Serve 24/7