The Kelley’s Aero Service Z-STOL was designed, engineered & structurally analyzed by Zivko Aeronautics to Part 23 standards. The Z-STOL wing is a custom design airfoil by John Roncz.

Z-STOL is a rugged two seat side by side high wing aircraft with a 44″ wide cabin. Flight controls are push-pull tubes for elevator, aileron & flaps, and cable for rudder. Fuselage & tail surface are 4130 tubing and fabric covered. The 35′ span wing is all aluminum. Wing area is 175 sq ft, with slotted flaps, frisk style ailerons, Horner wing tips, and two 12 gallon aluminum fuel tanks. The aluminum main landing gear and wheel/brakes are from Grove Aircraft. The engine is a spec-built Lycon O-200 experimental making ~120+ hp. The cowling, wing tips, instrument panel, floor boards & baggage area are carbon fiber composite. Z-STOL is an amateur-built experimental that fits in the light sport category.

Empty Weight – 875 lb

Gross Weight – 1320 lb (Utility Category) +4.4/-2.2 G

Gross Weight – 1500 lb (Normal Category) +3.8/-1.9 G

Baggage – 50 lb

Fuel – two 12 Gallon Wing Tanks – 24 Gallon Total

Stall Clean – 38 MPH

Stall Full Flap – 32 MPH

V Flap – 74 MPH

Va (Maneuver) – 100 MPH 

V Cruise – 112 MPH

VNE – 150 MPH
The fuselage, tail & all control tubes are supplied by Cartisian Tube which are custom cut & profiled, then assembled & welded in custom built jigs. High temperature molds for carbon fiber pre-preg lay ups of cowling & wing tips.

I have built the tooling & the flying prototype of Z-STOL aircraft & taken it as far as I can for a one man operation; I’m looking for the right person with the facilities & employees in place to take Z-STOL into production. If you’re interested in buying the tooling & manufacturing rights for Z-STOL aircraft e-mail me for further details at Price is $170,000.00 (serious inquires only). Thanks, Kelley


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