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Learn how to pass the FAA written test quickly and easily.

Below are test results from nine FAA written tests that Dan Baker took while learning to fly.  These test results are on record at the FAA.  Except for the Private Pilot written test, the other eight tests were all taken over a two-week period. Copies of the actual test results are available for you to see at Fulltron Aviation.

Private Pilot - 100

Instrument Rating - 100

Commercial Pilot - 100

Flight Instructor Airplane - 98

Fundamentals of Instructing - 100

Instrument Flight Instructor - 98

Basic Ground Instructor - 100

Advanced Ground Instructor - 99

Instrument Ground Instructor - 100

Learning to fly a plane is only half the battle, you also have to take a written test!

The minimum score required to pass an FAA written test is 70%.  It’s estimated that of every four people that start taking flying lessons, three will quit and never get a private pilots license.  The reason that 75% of people give up on their dream of learning to fly has nothing to do with actually learning to fly an airplane.  Anybody who can drive a car can learn to fly a plane.  People give up on their dream of learning to fly because of the FAA written test.  They dread studying, because they feel intimidated by all the things that they have to learn, and end up throwing in the towel on their dream.

It doesn't have to be this way. There's a quick and easy way to learn everything that you need to pass the written test.

If you can use a smart phone, or surf the internet, you’re intelligent enough to learn everything that you need to know to ace your written test quickly and easily.  Dan Baker is no smarter than you, but he knows how to learn, he knows how to prep for tests, and he knows how to take tests.

When you learn to fly at Fulltron Aviation we’ll not only teach you how to fly the airplane, we’ll also teach you how to quickly learn the material you need to easily pass your written test.  There’s no extra cost for coaching from somebody who only missed three questions in nine FAA written tests, including aceing eight tests in a two week period.  It’s just something that we offer to all of our students here at Fulltron.  Our goal is to have 100% of the students who start taking flying lessons with Fulltron  earn their pilots license.

Meet Dan Baker, Fulltron's resident Ground Instructor.

If you want a pilot's license, you'll have to pass the FAA written test. Check out every other flight school first, then come to Fulltron Aviation and meet Dan.