Fulltron Aviation is a flight school in Springfield, MO. Learn to fly at Springfield, Missouri's premier flight school. Located at Springfield Downtown Airport (3DW) in Springfield, MO Nicest training aircraft in SW Missouri. State-of-the-art Virtual Reality flight simulator available for your ground instruction at no additional cost.
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How-To Use GoPros with Airplanes

How-to create better GoPro videos of your airplane with our tutorial videos.  Dan Baker, a member of the Hillbilly Squadron, makes these training videos to help you make better videos of your own.  Dan started a photography business when he was 13, and has over 40 years experience behind the camera, as both an advertising & public relations photographer as well as a freelance videographer.  His credits include over 3,500 jobs as a freelance cameraman for ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN & Fox News.  He retired at 38, did everything on his bucket list, and then built two airplanes, including an RV-14.  These days he plays with airplanes, fly’s almost every day that the weather is decent, makes videos about the Hillbilly Squadron, and is webmaster for FulltronAviation.com.  He’s been called a “Mercenary with a Camera” by multi-billion dollar corporations, but prefers to call himself an eccentric renegade.  For even more extensive tutorial videos about photography and video see his website www.DanBaker.com

Dan calls how he does what he does, and what he teaches, the Two-Percent Niche

You can keep up on what’s happening on Dan’s Youtube Channel and an archive of Dan’s articles.