Current EAA Chapter 821 Members

"Must be current member of both the EAA & EAA Chapter 821 to participate in chapter events"

Larry Nelson

President - EAA Chapter 821

Past-President Cessna 195 owners group.  President EAA Chapter 821.  Single-engine airplane & multi-engine  airplane ratings.  Instrument rated. 6,000+ hours flight time.

Dave Packwood

vice pres - EAA Chapter 821

Mark Rehwinkel

Secretary - EAA Chapter 821

Private Pilot w/Instrument Rating. Degree in Aerospace engineering

Andrew Ponseigo

Treasurer - EAA Chapter 821

Commercial pilot. Instrument rating. Certified Flight Instructor

Dan Baker

webmaster - EAA Chapter 821

Commercial pilot ratings for Airplanes & Helicopters. Single-engine, multi-engine, instrument-airplane. 8,000+ hours flight-time. Flies aerobatics, trained skydiver.

Marlin Fullerton

owner - Fulltron Aviation

Owns Fulltron Aviation Flight School & Aircraft Paint Shop.  Owns private airport, “Fulltron Field”.  Flies competition aerobatics.  Member International Aerobatic Club.

Bob Gregory

Builds & flies gyrocopter and ultra-light aircraft.

Dale Wait

Private pilot.  Instrument rating. Degree in electronics.  Aviation wiring technician in Army-retired.

Jason Maggard

Student Pilot